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2 Responses to “Welcome to ImmigrationFacts.org”

  1. I had been granted asylum in early 2000’s and will be applying for US Citizenship in June 2010 but…
    Since then I got married to someone form the same country that I am from and 2 years ago she applied for Asylum as well. On the interview she was denied on grounds of “filed more then 1 year after arrival to US” and she had 1 hearing which was postponed until January 2010, basically few month before getting my citizenship. I know that Citizenship is not guaranteed and for some people it may take a long time but in my case I work with DoD’s contractor and I contribute to US’s war on terror.
    By the way, even though I am still a Green Card holder, I still applied for her Residency and filled up I-130 and it is still in process.
    1. Can we withdraw my wife’s Asylum case and how to do it if we can?
    2. Because I don’t want her go through asylum hearing, will it worth just to ignore the hearing and wait out for my Citizenship and get her residency though my citizenship?
    Thanks all….

  2. Sharipov,

    You can always apply for the green card for your wife once you become a U.S. citizen base on the ground of marriage.

    I know that if you have a hearing set up you should not ignore it. You might want to contact you local USCIS office to ask if you can withdraw the Asylum application for your wife if it can be done and if it can be done before the hearing date.

    Good luck!

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